Amazon Payment Reconciliation (for past 90 days)

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Amazon Payment Reconciliation Tool:

Seller Drive Engine provides a revolutionary cloud-based platform that brings the easiness to reconcile all the day to day transactions of the sellers pertaining to Amazon. The solution provides tools to achieve vast things with minimum efforts and solves the reconciliation requirement of an eCommerce business.

It takes data from the Amazon’s transaction files and gives a vast collaboration of contents/reports including decision making a summary at a single window, making it super easy to get an insight of the seller’s business at one single place.

Key Features:


Expenses like commission charges, shipments, FBA processing charges, damage reimbursement etc.


All individual return calculations including losses incurred

Misc Charges

All miscellaneous charges out of the box other than orders like FBA Storage, Advertisements etc.


Track all types of taxes whether sales or service taxes that are paid to Amazon

Payments / Settlements

Track all the Payments / Settlements from Amazon for Prepaid or COD transactions.

Easy Data Import

Allows uploading unchanged Amazon’s report directly to Engine for data. Easy!!

Summarised Dashboard

Informative Dashboard with insights like Total Net Sales, Total Expenses, Total Settlement Transfers, Total Pending and many more.

Data Centralization

Maintain all data at once place, making it easier to get History data on few clicks whenever required anytime.


We take security very seriously and make sure your data is private and secured.


No Contracts Required
No Transaction Fees
Free Live Chat, Email ( and Phone support (+91-9561095457)
Free Setup Assistance
Price starts at 3000/- (for last 90 days)
For Back date ( above last 90 days ) transactions,
Setup Charges = 1500 INR for upto 12 months
Setup Charges = 2500 INR for above 12 months

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