What is Feedback Drive?

Over 90% of Amazon buyers typically fail to leave feedback. In addition, customers with a negative experience are more motivated to leave feedback. What is your strategy for getting more feedback on Amazon?
Feedback Drive is the service cum automation for feedback management, designed specifically for Amazon merchants and developed by eComEngine, LLC, USA.

Merchants use this software-as-a-service (SAAS) to automatically solicit feedback from customers, review negative and neutral feedback's received, monitor trends, request removal of negative feedback's, and even manage Amazon Product Reviews.

Automate Your Feedback Solicitation

Within seconds after signing up, your Feedback Drive account goes to work and automatically solicits feedback from customers. Based on your preferences, you can tell Feedback Drive how often and for which products to solicit Amazon feedback. Set it once, and watch the feedback roll in.

Ask at the Right Time, Every Time

Getting your customers to leave feedback on Amazon is a breeze, thanks to Feedback Drive’s automatic solicitation and timing rules. Customize your timing preferences so that customers receive emails at the time when they are most likely to open the message, click through, and leave feedback.

Manage Amazon Product Reviews

In addition to managing feedback, Feedback Drive allows merchants to manage Amazon Product Reviews. Sellers can build custom solicitation rules using our Email Campaign feature. Merchants can even upload a list of ASINs that they wish to track. Receive real-time email alerts to be notified of new reviews.

Convert Feedback into New Revenue

The sellers with the most positive feedback tend to do the best on Amazon. Take control of your online reputation and reap the rewards of greater bottom line performance. Win the buy box more often and beat your competitors by maintaining a stellar Amazon seller rating.

eCom Engine Proudly Supports Amazon.in

Amazon merchants on the Indian marketplace have used this tool to send more than 8 million feedback and product review solicitation emails. Our tool has helped these sellers generate over 100,000 feedbacks and 200,000 product reviews on the Amazon.in marketplace. 

Manage Negative Feedback

Text and email alerts keep you informed of negative/neutral feedback and reviews. No more waiting around and discovering it later. Know the moment a customer leaves a rating.  Feedback Drive also lets you send negative feedback removal requests. Use our pre-built feedback removal template or craft your own. Follow up, take notes and ensure your customers are always satisfied.

Convert Feedback into New Revenue

Build your seller feedback rating with Feedback Drive’s professionally designed email templates. Win the Buy Box more often by maintaining an excellent Amazon seller rating. Take control of your online reputation with Feedback Drive.

Monitor Product Reviews

Track and instantly analyze your product reviews at a glance to see where improvements can be made. Create a customized product review request campaign to generate more product reviews for your products. You can monitor reviews on any products, whether you are actively selling them or not. Monitor your competitor’s items, get alerts for negative/neutral product reviews, match reviews to buyers and more.

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