Jolly-Account Health & Policies(6 Months)

Rs. 15,000.00 Rs. 18,000.00
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Super Savings-Jolly(6 Months) Package Included:

Reply Messages (All following Types, up to 30 Messages Per Day)

  • Handling Return/Refunds/A-Z Claims
  • Inviting Positive Feedbacks
  • Manage Negative Feedback

Above 30 Messages/day will cost Rs. 3 Per message and accordingly billing will be adjusted on monthly basis.

Seller Drive will ensure that these factors are maintained as per Amazon's Policy and will escalate the guidelines to the Seller if any violation occurred.

As per Amazon's policy, there are many factors that decide the account health. Efforts will be made by Seller Drive in order to keep the account in good/fair condition but still if due to Order Defect Rate, Cancellation Rate or the Late Dispatch rate, the account goes at risk or is suspended, respective Sellers will hold the responsibility for the same. We as Seller Drive will make sure that all appropriate actions/alerts/communication are done from our side with the sellers to avoid it.

Price: 15000/- + GST

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