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Amazon Reimbursement Reconcile & FBA Fees

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Amazon Reimbursement Reconcile & FBA Fees Package Included:

Reimbursement Process – Once your shipment reach FBA. You start receiving order and Amazon warehouse team start fulfilling it.
But have you ever noticed what if any order lost while FBA shipping?
Damaged in shipping from warehouse to Customer?
Amazon pay 50% portion of your product in such case.

We investigate all Lost and damage orders in transit and create cases with amazon to get reimbursement.
Lost FBA Order Shipment Reimbursement
Damage FBA Order Shipment Reimbursement

Reconcile Process- Once shipment prepared & ready, dispatch is done with counts and sent to FBA, now
What if all QTY you sent to FBA and not match while processing?
We investigate those lost qty and reconcile with amazon for reimbursement.
LOST shipment from FBA Inbound.
Damage Shipment from FBA Inbound.

FBA Fees – As we upload similar kind of product with equal dimensions but sometimes Amazon charge us extra FBA fees. We check monthly reports of payments and find out if any ASIN charged extra.

We investigate those differences between the amount to be charged and amount charged. We create case with amazon and get reimbursed for extra amount charged.

Kindly Note, this package min value is $1000 or 10% of the total Reimbursement/Reconcile/FBA Fees amount (Whichever is higher)

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