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Deals n Promotions Package Included:

A Promotion is an incentive for a consumer to make a buying decision sooner rather than later, or to choose a specific product or seller rather than a competing one. Along with Product, Price, and Distribution, Promotion is one of the four pillars of marketing. For a promotion to be effective, the consumer must know about it, and the promotion must offer sufficient value to influence the consumer's choice favorably. Eligibility: Every Seller.

A Lightning Deal is a time-bound, promotional offer where an item is featured for a limited number of hours, usually 4 to 6 hours (as determined by Amazon), on the Amazon Deals page. Featuring an item as a Lightning Deal may help increase sales and it may also be an effective way to reduce your inventory.Currently, only FBA sellers are eligible to run Lightning Deals.

What we do:

    • Create appropriate Promotions after discussing with you and will be maintained on a regular basis.
    • Provide best possible suggestions for the type of promotions according to your account status, product category and competitor.
    • Regular checking lightening deals if eligible products will be seen, will give you further insight and then accordingly decision can be taken for deals.
    • Regular checking notifications/policy warnings if received will intimate you via Email / Phone call.
    • Checking Amazon Selling Coach and will intimate best possible decision to get sales.


  • Increasing visibility / sessions / page views using research.

What results expected:

Better search results which will lead increasing in Sessions / Page views / Conversion rate/winning buy box and eligibility towards Sponsored ad and finally, sales boost.

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* All prices are inclusive of tax.

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